We commit our lives to live the Evangelical Vows of Poverty as Serving, Chastity as Loving and Obedience as Listening. We witness to Poverty in simplicity and recognition of equality of all before God. We witness to Chastity through celibate love. We witness to Obedience in listening to the guidance of the Spirit. In our diverse ministries and freedom of lifestyle we are united by commitment to the Gospel values of Love, Justice, Reverence, Forgiveness, Nonviolence, Equality, Diversity, Integrity and Care for Creation.


Community emerges from a spiritual bond that transcends location. Whether living alone or with others, we share our lives, concerns, risks and visions. We experience the love and support of the global community through local, regional, international and virtual gatherings. As self‐supporting women, we are financially responsible for our personal needs and in the spirit of stewardship share responsibility for the common goals of the community. Decisions affecting the global community are made through the collegial process. The official community newsletter, the All‐To‐All, connects the membership.


Nourished through prayer and study is a deeply personal and communal search for God reflected in lives that are both contemplative and mission driven, with a preference for the poor. Our ministries are diverse, based on discernment of time, treasure and talent. We recognize and affirm the richness of all cultures. We stand in solidarity with all of those who strive to realize their God‐given rights as human beings, free from dominance, injustice and oppression.


Vowed Membership

New members seeking vowed membership are welcomed into the community through the Becoming Process program, which is facilitated within the local SFCC Region.  The Becoming Process involves 3 stages


Stage 1


A person in the 1st stage is an Inquirer. Any affirmed SFCC member may serve as the contact between the Inquirer and the local SFCC community normally for 1 year.  She attends local and regional meetings to learn about SFCC and to meet local members. 

 Stage 2



The Region and the Inquirer discern when she is ready to sign the Covenant of Affiliation and enter the 2nd stage as an Affiliate.  The new Affiliate selects her SFCC mentor with whom she works closely for 1 year.  She continues to attend local and regional meetings. 

 Stage 3 


During this period, the Region Coordinator (RCC) formally introduces the new Affiliate to the international community through the community newsletter the All to All (ATA).  The Region and the Affiliate mutually discern when she will be affirmed as a full vowed member of Sisters For Christian Community.  Her name is added to the SFCC Directory and global data base.





Non-Vowed Membership

Sisters For Christian Community also includes a non-vowed membership.  This type of membership is offered to individuals (female, male, single, married) who either cannot or do not want to pronounce the Evangelical Vows but are called to live out the SFCC Vision and Mission in their daily life.  Persons interested in this type of membership follow the Becoming Process and stop at Stage 2:  Affiliate.  As a permanent Affiliate, the person is known as a SFCC Companion and is regarded as an active member of the local SFCC region, as well as of SFCC worldwide.  Their name is entered into the SFCC Directory and the global data base.